3rd Sikh Infantry

Officers in Various Dress Orders, 1900

This interesting group shows Indian officers in full dress and the rather wider choice of uniform modelled by four British officers. The Lieutenant sitting on the right is in full dress. The tunic and breeches are drab with black collar, cuffs, light between the two silk trouser stripes and the thin line above the pagri on his helmet. His brown leather pouchbelt has silver fittings.

Next to him sits a 2nd Lieutenant in a drab patrol jacket and plain, unstriped breeches. The patrol jacket is not so tight fitting as the fulldress tunic and differs in the cuff design and the lack of caps on the 'drops' at the end of the five rows of braid. He has a drab pillbox cap decorated with drab silk braid and lace.

Behind them stand two officers in service dress, sam browne belts, breeches and puttees. One carries a helmet without the silver spike and the other, a captain with two medal ribbons, wears a black and drab service cap. This has a small boss on the front of drab silk with a silver bugle-horn on it.

The Indian officers wear drab turbans with black ends edged with an orange fringe. Their pouchbelts have a badge or breastplate like the British officers but they seem less sure what to do with their chains.

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