APatrol in Natalboard the Templemore

This photo is one of many taken by 33 year-old Lieut Frederick Jarvis of the Suffolk Yeomanry who was attached to the 13th Hussars. He was brigade Transport Officer when the 13th served under Colonel Burn-Murdoch. He was invalided back to Britain in March 1901 suffering from enteric fever, but returned to South Africa later in the year attached to the South African Constabulary. In WW1 he commanded the Suffolk Yeomanry at Gallipoli and the Middle East as well as France. The private soldiers in the photo are neatly uniformed which indicates that Jarvis took it in the early days of the war. The swords are attached to the saddle on the nearside and the carbines in a holster on the offside. The helmets have no badge but a square cloth flash on the left which is white over dark blue. That is worn in modern times by the men of the Light Dragoons in No2 dress and referred to as the South Africa Flash.

Regimental details

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by Stephen Luscombe