Private 1812

This detail is from an unusual painting that depicts a private of the 14th Light Dragoons cleaning his kit. The horse is tethered to a branch of the tree wearing the halter that stays on the horse's head when he bridle is removed. The private is wearing dark grey trousers which have orange stripes down the side, but concealed here. He has a blue undress cap with an orange cap-band. His jacket hangs on a branch and we can see the orange collar, lapels, cuffs and fringed epaulettes. His white pouch-belt hangs next to it. On the ground is his valise which attaches to the back of the saddle. This contains his greatcoat or cloak. Also on the ground is his white and blue striped waist girdle. This girdle is often portrayed in illustrations in incorrect colours but this painting confirms the blue and white.

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by Stephen Luscombe