Cornet with Guidon c1816

This copy of a watercolour by Sauerweid from the Royal Collection depicts a cornet of the 14th in the uniform that was introduced for light dragoons in 1812. The date of the painting is not known but believed to be c1816. The epaulettes increased in size between 1812 and 1821 and here they look more substantial than the early type. The plume on the shako increased in size also but here it is small, and confined in a small ring. The jacket agrees with the Hamilton Smith print and we can just make out the tails on the back. They are short with orange turn-backs and have a silver bullion fringe in the middle of the back. He is in full dress except for the grey trousers which have a double orange stripe. The sabretache shows the embroidered Prussian Eagle which covers the Georgian cypher. His pouchbelt, although covered by the guidon belt should show the chains and pickers but they are not apparent. He holds the regimental guidon which is orange with the eagle, or hawk, as they called it, in the middle. It is incorrect as to size; it should be bigger.

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by Stephen Luscombe