Officer's Coat c1835

These photos were taken at the National Army Museum, Chelsea around 1980. It gives a good idea of just how uncomfortable this uniform was. The coat is tight-fitting and the collar is very high. The 1822 Dress Regulations call for a 3 inch high collar but the height is not specified in later editions. The lace around the collar and cuffs is quite plain but is surrounded by Russia braid figuring that covers the blue facings. The double-breasted front has 8 buttons each side with the lowest buttons concealed under the gold and red girdle. The back of the coat is plain but has a short tail. The figure behind, a private of the 13th Light Dragoons c1828 wearing a blue coat with buff facings, has a tail which is similar in style to that worn by all light dragoons from 1812 to 1855. The officers would have a gold bullion fringe. The epaulettes are missing from this officer's uniform. The detail of the cuff in the right-hand photo shows how the gold lace ended at the slash with two small buttons just above. The double row of elaborate gold lace on the blue trousers can just be made out. The sabretache is unfortunately without the proper slings and belt. It has the crown and reverse cypher of William VI, the royal crest and a scroll for PENINSULA.

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by Stephen Luscombe