Drumhorse and Band 1841

In his notes PW Reynolds gives a detailed commentary on this painting by Ebsworth: 'S M Milne had a drawing by R Ebsworth of the "14th Lt Dragoons, 1841. Band watering, Brighton-Hove Toll house." (in a note on the 11th Hussars Ebsworth implies that he made his first visit to Brighton in 1841.) The band is in marching order and in the new blue uniform. The jacket appears to have the same collar and cuffs as Ebsworth gives to the trumpeters of the 3rd and 4th Lt Dgns but in the 14th drawing there are no red pipings on the back seams. Black-covered bell-topped shakos, yellow caplines (looped short at neck but no ends shown). Red and yellow "waterfall" at waist; usual girdle. Scales on shoulder. Double red stripes on overalls. White waistbelt; plain black 'tasche. No pouchbelt. Bright blue canteen hung from left shoulder; white band (haversack?) over right shoulder. Red forage caps for two of the bandsmen.'

The drumhorse is grey like the other band horses, and has crimson drum banners with gold lace and embroidery. The banner has battle honours arranged either side of the Prussian Eagle but not on sprays of laurel like the later banners. There should be seven honours at this stage, 1841, the year that they went out to India. The honours appear to be on scrolls, an assumption backed up by the trumpet banner held by the Trumpet-Major. The shabraque is turned up to protect the embroidery. One trumpeter is sitting on a box at the right of the picture. This is inscribed XLD LD, probably an error by the artist.

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by Stephen Luscombe