Drumhorse and Band 1860

The next opportunity that Ebsworth had to see the 14th LD was at Newbridge in 1860 when the regiment returned from India after nearly 20 years away. Here some of them are in review order, in the uniform worn 1855-61. There are men wearing pouchbelts who are not trumpeters or bandsmen. A field officer stands in the middle talking to a man whose rank we cannot see. The mounted figure on the left is a trumpet-major or band-leader. He has four stripes and a crossed trumpet badge but he carried a euphonium. A trumpet corporal behind him, and a dismounted trumpeter have red forage caps and undress stable jackets. The figure on the right standing with his back to us shows braid on the back of his tunic which is a mixture of red and yellow. This braid is probably worn by all the musicians but is difficult to make out on the front views. The crimson drum banner and trumpet banner are the same as in the 1841 painting.

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by Stephen Luscombe