Sir Felton Hervey-Bathurst Bt

Felton Hervey was the son of Felton Lionel Hervey. He was first named as Felton Elwell Hervey, Elwell being his mother's maiden name. In 1801 he changed his name to Felton William Hervey-Bathurst. He was an inspiring leader of men and a popular commanding officer. He lost his arm in his first major action of the Peninsula War, at the crossing of the Douro. He led two squadrons of the 14th in a charge at Oporto, on 12 May, where many of the officers and men were killed or wounded. At Venta de Serra on 8 Mar 1811 he led a charge with 3 squadrons against 4 squadrons of French cavalry and defeated them with small loss to the 14th LD. At Fuentes d'Onor on 5 May 1811 he was severely wounded when his horse was shot. He was also very active at Carpio on 25 Sep 1811 against the Lancers of Berg, at Babajoz on 10 April 1812, at Salamanca on 22 July 1812, Vittoria on 21 June 1813 and at Orthes on 27 Feb 1814.

The portrait shows him with a large number of medals which were probably added to the portrait after his death in 1819. There is an almost identical version of this portrait that has him holding the sword over his shoulder, a presentation sword given to him by his fellow officers in 1813. In that painting there are no medals. However, the medals that he received were:

Cross for the battles mentioned
Gold Medal for Fuentes d'Onor and Salamanca
Waterloo Medal
Companion of the Order of the Guelphs
Companion of the Order of the Bath
Russian Order of St George and Vladimir
Austrian Order of Maria Theresa
Portuguese Order of The Tower and Sword
Bavarian order of Joseph Maximilian
Prussian Order of Merit
Knight of St Henry of Saxony

1782 Born 24 June
1800 Cornet in 3rd Dragoon Guards, 6 May
1803 14th Light Dragoons, 28 July
1806 Major, 8 May
1809 Lost his arm at crossing of the Douro, 12 May
1811 Lieut-Col commanding 14th, 4 June
1814 Colonel and ADC to the Prince Regent, 4 June
1815 Waterloo, on Wellington's staff
1815 Secretary to Master-General of the Ordnance
1817 Married Louisa Catherine Caton, 24 April (no children)
1818 Created Baronet, 7 Dec
1819 Died on 24th September aged 37

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