John Hale

John Hale was a friend of General Wolfe, so the famous victory at Quebec was a sad day: September 13th 1759. Hale was Colonel of the 47th Foot, a regiment that played a major part in winning the battle, but the death of Wolfe saddened him very much. Hale sailed for England with the news of the victory and Wolfe's dispatches. Three weeks after delivering the dispatches, he was rewarded with a gratuity of '500, ten thousand acres of land in Canada and a commission to raise one of 5 new regiments of Light Dragoons. The gift of land does not seem to have been permanent as it later lapsed to the Crown. He left the regiment in 1762 a full colonel and married Mary Chaloner. Poor Mrs. Hale bore him 21 children, most of whom survived since his epitaph,on his death at the age of 78, was 'leaving behind him seventeen children and the 17th Light Dragoons.'

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