Sabretache and Pouch c1840-1855

The Queen Victoria sabretache was similar to that of the previous reign apart from the VR cypher and the scroll inscribed PRINCESS ROYAL. The pouch followed the design of the sabretache, even to the S and vellum lace round the edge. Another example of a Victorian pouch has no scroll and a different pattern lace. This may have been the first pattern introduced in 1837. The pouch itself, in both cases, is made of black leather, as is the sabretache. The pouchbelt, worn over the left shoulder, was of black leather and covered in the same S and vellum pattern lace. Both the sabretache and the pouch were discontinued with the uniform changes of 1855, and replaced with a plain black leather undress sabretache and a silver flapped pouch.

Regimental Pouchbelts and Sabretaches | Regimental details

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by Stephen Luscombe