7th Hussars

John James Whyte

Whyte, of Newtown manor, County Leitrim, was described as a martinet by the artist Ebsworth who visited many of the regiments to make drawings of them. His reputation as a cruel commanding officer spread further afield when in 1846 the newspapers published the story of Private White's severe flogging and his subsequent death. The painting of Col Whyte was printed in the Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research no. 90 in 1944. It shows him in uniform in Canada with the pelisse worn over the jacket, and wearing high boots and gauntlets for extra warmth. His horse has a full leopard skin saddle cloth which was not regulation.

1823 21st Aug. joined the 7th as a cornet
1825 22nd Dec. Lieutenant
1827 31st Dec. captain
1833 5th April. Major
1837 21st Oct. Lieutenant-Colonel commanding
1838 Canada
1842 regiment returned from Canada
1847 16th April. Retired on half pay
1851 Colonel
1852 Retired from the army
1889 July. Died

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