Private 1751

In 1746 the regiment was converted to dragoons as an economy measure, but given the title of dragoon guards to mitigate their hurt pride. This illustration by P W Reynolds from David Morier's work in the Royal Collection, clearly shows the shorter dragoon lapels that had to be adopted by the 1st 2nd and 3rd Dragoon Guards. The facings are buff, although paler than in the 1742 print. There is only one belt across his body, without a flask-cord, to hold the ammunition pouch. The sword is slung from a waistbelt worn under the coat. The waistcoat and breeches are also buff, with yellow lace around the brass buttons. The regiment had the distinction of having the buttons in threes. The shabraque is buff with an edging of yellow lace that has a blue stripe. The garter device is embroidered in full colour. The cypher in the middle, and on the holster caps at the front of the saddle, is CR for Queen Caroline, who died in 1737. An inspection report of 1753 says that the sergeants have sashes, that their accoutrements are buff, and that the horses are all bays except for the 12 drummers who are on grey horses. The horse in this illustration is a bay horse with a short, docked tail. The uniforms were faced buff in 1753 but the breeches were red.

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by Stephen Luscombe