Portrait of an Officer c1834

The unknown officer in this painting is wearing the new pattern pouchbelt and wastbelt introduced c1831. The S and vellum gold lace can be seen on the pouchbelt which supports a decorative velvet embroidered ammunition pouch on his back. The gold embroidery on his collar and sleeves is fairly clear in this portrait. It was the distinction of the Dragoon Guards to have the more ornate decoration, and the velvet cloth for the facings. Dragoon regiments had cloth facings and plainer gold lace button loops. The facings for the Queen's Bays were black at this time. They changed to buff (or white) in 1855. He holds the steel-scabbard of his sword, and one of his gauntlets to show the sleeve. When on mounted duty in dress uniform the gauntlets covered the embroidery but in full dress uniform, or levee dress, short white gloves were worn.

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by Stephen Luscombe