Officer and Trumpeter 1880

Simkin has dated this painting as August 1880 which is useful to know because in October 1880 the system of rank badges was changed. The officer in the foreground is the lieutenant-colonel commanding the Queen's Bays, who at that time was Thomas William Sneyd. He has a silver crown badge on his collar which indicated his rank at that time. After Oct 1880 lieutenant-colonels wore a crown and star, on the plaited gold shoulder cords. The other indicators of his rank are the multiple Austrian knots up his sleeve and the extra gold lace that almost obscures the white cloth on his collar. These can be seen on the uniform of Colonel Beauchamp Walker who has a crown and two stars on his shoulders. The CO's black-plumed helmet is the 1871 type which was the final gilt pattern worn by the dragoon guards. He has a gold stripe on his breeches which was changed to white cloth around 1888. The embroidered shabraque was discontinued around 1890 and the saddle was then covered only in the black sheepskin with the white scalloped edge.

The trumpeter follows the CO, also riding a bay horse. He has a scarlet tunic with white collar, cuffs and shoulder straps. The white cord Austrian knot can be seen on his sleeve because he does not have gauntlets like the other men. He has a crossed trumpets badge on his upper arm and is distinguished by having white plaited cord aiguillettes attached to his left shoulder. In the Queen's Bays the trumpeters and musicians had a white plume on their helmets, instead of black. His pouchbelt is unusual because it has a red flask cord along the centre like the household cavalry. His trumpet cords and tassels were white. His horse also has a white rope attached to his head collar.

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by Stephen Luscombe