Lieutenant in Undress c1883

This officer, named as Lieutenant George Prescott Douglas, is wearing the regimental pattern patrol jacket. It is fur-trimmed which is unusual for a dragoon guard regiment because in the Dress Regulations only the hussars and some of the lancers had patrol jackets with astrakan collar and cuffs. Also the top of the collar is open to reveal the scarlet stable jacket which has a buff and gold laced collar. The 1883 Dress Regulations allow a patrol jacket in place of the frockcoat for the 2nd 5th and 6th Dragoon Guards, but do not mention the astrakan collar. This style of jacket was used by the Bays in the 1860s as there is a photo of Captain Knight wearing a similar jacket in 1864. Lt Douglas has one rank star on his shoulder indicating the rank of lieutenant. Second lieutenants had no badge. He has two visible medal ribbons for service in Egypt in 1882.

The pillbox forage cap is blue with a band of gold lace, one and three quarter inches wide. The pattern shows clearly here, being of laurel leaves. It is an unusual pattern, peculiar to the Queen's Bays and was probably chosen by a CO with a sense of humour, claiming that they could be bay leaves. The top of the cap has elaborate figuring in gold Russia braid which radiates from a central purl netted button. The black patent leather chinstrap, according to photos of officers, was optional.

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by Stephen Luscombe