Hot Climate Uniforms c1890

These drawings by L E Buckell are traced copies from the original sketches by Major Wymer. The regiment was in India from Jan 1886 until Oct 1895 when they arrived in Egypt, staying until late 1896. The mounted figures on the left are in summer Review Order. White uniform was officially sanctioned in 1887, the tunic is here worn with the home service boots and breeches, and white spiked helmet. White helmets had been worn for non-ceremonial duties in the 1860s. The mounted figure in the top right is in an all-khaki uniform which the note says was never worn dismounted. The regiments in India wore khaki unofficially from the 2nd Afghan War 1878-80 but it wasn't officially recognised until 1896 for foreign service outside Europe. This figure has shoulder chains which were not adopted by the British army until 1898 but worn much earlier by regiments in India. His sword is in a leather scabbard strapped to a Sam Browne belt. The standing figures in the lower right are in dismounted drill order. The blue serge undress frock was worn in winter with the dress trousers and white helmet. In summer the white uniform was worn, both with the undress white leather pouchbelt. The sword was slung from a belt worn under the frock. The note says that the patrol jacket may be substituted for the blue serge.

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by Stephen Luscombe