TSM, Field Day Order 1900

This coloured photo shows a troop sergeant-major with three stripes and a crown above. The image is taken from a black and white photo published in the Navy and Army Illustrated and the colour applied later for a set of postcards, this one is captioned as a troop sergeant-major of the Queen's Bays. The monochrome photo clearly shows three stripes and a crown although the poor registration of the applied colour makes it unclear on this postcard. Normally a crown over three stripes denoted squadron or troop sergeant-major but the Bays NCOs had a crown over their chevrons as a regimental distinction making it difficult to determine whether the wearer was a sergeant or sergeant-major. The practice of having a crown above the stripes was discontinued around this time when the Household Cavalry established this as their own special prerogative. The ammunition bandolier worn over his left shoulder was adopted at around the time of the abolition of the smart white leather pouchbelt at the turn of the century. In review order no belt was worn but other postcards in this series show all ranks wearing this bandolier which carried ammunition for the rifle or carbine.

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by Stephen Luscombe