Officers, Boer War Uniform 1901

The special pattern wide-brimmed hat worn by the Queen's Bays is seen in this group of officers prior to embarkation in late 1901. The quality of the photo is poor but we can see that the hats are very different from those worn by other units. The pattern is based on those of American cowboys although the figure seated second from the left has the more conventional slouch hat. I can find no reason for the adoption of the 'cowboy' hat. Perhaps it was the preference of the commanding officer, Lt-Col Dewar, seated in the middle.

The khaki uniform, for the most part has been opened at the neck to form lapels, with either a pale shirt, scarf, or cravat. There are two types of Sam Browne belt on show here, with one shoulder strap, and with two straps. One officer is wearing the two strap type incorrectly, having the straps crossing in front rather than behind his back.

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by Stephen Luscombe