Bandsmen and Drumhorse 1853

Ebsworth's sketch of bandsmen of the Queen's Bays in 1853, in Ireland, shows dress uniform and stable dress. The waist-length dress coatee has brass shoulder scales, and aiguilettes on the right shoulder. It is not possible to tell from this poor monochrome photo whether the aiguilettes are yellow or white, but are probably yellow at this stage. The plumes of the helmets are black, not white as they were a few years later. The men on the right are in the waist-length stable jacket that is edged in yellow tape. There are no tails on the jacket but there is something on the shoulders to suggest shoulder cords. The facings of both types of jacket are black velvet. The pill-box caps are scarlet with yellow cap-bands. The drum banners are also of black velvet and can be seen in the photo of the Bays in India 1865.

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by Stephen Luscombe