Drumhorse and Musicians 1871

The Queen's Bays returned to the UK in 1869 after a twelve year tour of duty in India. They were stationed in Colchester in 1870, then in Aldershot in 1871 when Ebsworth made this sketch. The main changes from the previous sketches are the white helmet plumes of the musicians and the white/buff drum banner. The white aiguilettes are now worn on the left shoulder by the bandsmen and trumpeters. And the drummer and bandsman behind him have red flask cords in the centre of their pouchbelts. This is a distinction of the Queen's Bays that had been recently adopted, not seen in other regiments other than the Household Cavalry. The tunics are different from the previous 1856 Ebsworth picture in that the facings are now buff and the cuff decoration has the white cord Austrian knot. These can be seen because the musicians have white gloves instead of gauntlets.

The young musician standing on the right is in stable dress. He has the undress pillbox cap that is distinguished by white braiding that forms a three pronged fork on four sides of the cap. His pouch is much smaller than that of the trooper standing next to him. The central badge on the pouch also appears to differ. The trooper is in dismounted review order as his trousers are unleathered. The mounted trooper rides away from the bandsmen following an officer who wears a stable jacket and peaked forage cap. The officer's pouch has a silver fronted flap. Although 1871 was the year that the new helmet was introduced it seems that the regiment are wearing the old 1847 type. Also in that year the leathered trousers were replaced by breeches and boots but the new style is not in evidence here.

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by Stephen Luscombe