Band c1899

The 37 musicians in this group photo c1899 are in scarlet dress tunics with the blue pillbox cap. The three young men at the front, sitting on the ground, are dressed in stable jackets. These jackets are different from the style worn by the trumpeter of 1890 as they have buttons down the front. They also have a braid trefoil on the white cuffs. The caps of privates and corporals have the white braided lines at four points, and white braiding on top, but the senior NCOs do not have this. They have gold cap-bands and a gold braid design on the top around a gold netted button. The rank stripes do not have a badge above them, except for the corporal sitting far left. The most senior NCO sits holding a French horn next to the distracted bandmaster who is dressed like an officer with dark blue frockcoat. There are instruments in evidence that cannot be played on mounted duty, like the double bass on the right and the time-beater's drum on the left. In the centre are the drum banners with a trumpet banner in between, and a snare drum in front.

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by Stephen Luscombe