Other Rank's Helmet 1834-43

The 1834 helmet is described by W Y Carman in his book on Head Dresses of the British Cavalry, as 'surely the most beautiful of all British helmets'. It was all brass for the other ranks and gilding metal for officers. The crest was easily detachable and the helmet was often worn with a lion device in place of the bearskin. This example is an other rank's helmet of the 7th Princess Royal's Dragoon Guards as can be seen from the inscription above the peak. The Queen's Bays helmet inscription can be seen on a separate front and back photo. This colour photo is taken from a Wallis & Wallis auction catalogue of Spring 1993. The crest had been restored and the ear rosettes replaced. The Royal Arms on the front has the Hanoverian shield in the middle. Helmets issued after 1837 had the revised arms without this, to show the severing of the connection with the German State. The helmet was normally worn with the crest for ceremonial occasions but a contemporary painting shows them worn on a field day or in action.

1834 Helmet with Lion Ornament

This fine example of the 1834 helmet has the lion attached to the crest instaed of the bearskin. It is a helmet of the 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards. The badge has bee adapted to incorporate the battle honour PENINSULA. Some helmets have WATERLOO, but the Queen's Bays had neither of these honours

Front and Back of 1834 Helmet

These photos are of a gilt helmet of the Queen's Bays and show the regimental inscription above the peak and the Victorian badge with mottos. The shield in the middle is post-1837 although the helmet design remained the same from 1834 to 1843. The photo on the right shows the back of the helmet which is well decorated and has lugs for the bearskin crest to attach. The photos are from Military Modelling magazine July 1996 and credit has been given to R G Harris for the photos.

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by Stephen Luscombe