Other Rank's Helmet 1847-71

Whereas there are only a few officers helmets in existence of this vintage, other ranks' helmets are even rarer. This is a 2nd Dragoon Guards helmet with the correct black plume, and in good condition. The brass skull supports an ornate plume holder which has a brush of horsehair out of which sprouts a falling plume of the same hair. There is a rose shaped brass filial on top of the plume, similar in shape and size to the bosses that hold the chin chain. The badge on the front is similar to that on the officers' helmets except that the VR is not backed by red enamel. The star around the garter is of white metal, and placed on a Rococo shield, surrounded by a wreath of laurel and oak. The inscription on the garter is QUEENS DRAGOON GUARDS. The front and back peak are ornamented with applied acanthus leaves. Inside the helmet is a black leather sweatband. The photo is taken from a Bosleys catalogue of Dec 2008. It sold for 420 pounds.

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by Stephen Luscombe