Captain G P O Springfield

Captain George Patrick Osborn Springfield, aged 42, was killed on 12 Sep 1914 during the retreat of the BEF. On 9 Sep the Bays were in the advance guard and Capt Springfield was commanding A Squadron which was ordered to cross the bridge over the Marne. They cleared it of barbed wire to allow the regiment to cross. On 12 Sep the Bays were ordered to clear the village of Braisne on the river Vesle. His Squadron had to reinforce C Squadron which was fired on. As the Germans fell back there was house to house fighting and Capt Springfield was killed by a sniper. Harts Army List of 1907 shows him to have been commissioned as 2nd Lieut on 18 Aug 1900, Lieut 10 Feb 1901, Capt 21 Sep 1904. He served in many operations in the Boer War, in Lumsden's Horse.

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by Stephen Luscombe