Guidon 1747

When the regiment was downgraded to dragoons they took on the title of dragoon guards which reflected their status as being above the dragoons. They therefore had a regimental standard as well as a guidon for each squadron. The regimental standard was of crimson damask and the squadron guidons were buff, the colour of their facings. The Clothing Regulations of 1747 laid down guidelines for standards and guidons and were described: "The King's or first Standard or Guidon of each regiment to be crimson, with the Rose and Thistle conjoined, and Crown over them in the centre: His Majesty's Motto, "Dieu et mon Droit", underneath; the White Horse in a compartment in the first and fourth corners; and the rank of the regiment in gold or silver characters on a ground of the same colour as the facings of the regiment, in the second and third corners."

These two guidons reproduced from different books are said to be squadron guidons of the 2nd Dragoon Guards 1747. But they do not conform to the description in the Dress Regulations. There are no White Horses or regimental initials, or royal motto. The G R either side of the crown are for King George II, although it would be expected that C R would be more likely as they were Queen Caroline's Regiment. The reversed cypher is, again, GR for King George. The right hand guidon is puzzlingly blue and may be incorrectly coloured by the author of that book. It seems that the regiments did not take much notice of the 1747 regulations and carried on with their former guidons. In response to this the authorities issued more detailed guidelines in 1751.

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by Stephen Luscombe