Sergeants Group1880

This group of sergeants and sergeant-majors was photographed in 1880, the year before the introduction of Warrant Officers. It also shows that none of these NCOs is wearing an Eagle arm badge. This indicates that the arm badge was first worn unofficially at some time between 1880 and 1886. The bearded figure sitting in the middle of the seated row is probably the Paymaster or Schoolmaster. There are two senior NCOs next to him wearing stable jackets with gold lace edging instead of buttons down the front. The one with four stripes and a crown on his right forearm is the RSM. Next to him must be the bandmaster who had 1st Class staff clothing but no badge. All the other senior sergeants are in 2nd Class staff stable jackets with gold lace on the collar and cuffs. The other side of the Paymaster/Schoolmaster is the Farrier Major with a horseshoe badge and crown over his stripes. Then next to him is a Sergeant Instructor of Musketry or Fencing with a crossed swords or rifles badge. Most of the Farriers have beards. All the men in undress have gold zig-zag cap-bands on their forage caps.

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