Officers, Undress 1892

The Greys were in summer camp in 1892 when this photo was taken. The seated officer in the front is Lieutenant-Colonel Alfred Cholmeley Earle Welby who took command on 5 July of that year. On the right of the picture is Major the Hon Walter Philip Alexander who succeeded him in 1896 as CO of the Greys. They wear various types of undress uniforms which show up well in this photo. Colonel Welby, Major Alexander and two other officers wear a serge frock tunic which is dark blue and styled like a Norfolk Jacket with pleats down the front, an open breast pocket and two hip pockets. The badges on their collar are embroidered thistles.The officer on the left wears a patrol jacket which is dark blue with black flat braid. The officer behind Colonel Welby has a scarlet serge frock with breast and hip pockets and smaller gilt buttons down the front.

Some of them wear blue breeches with a gold stripe down the side, one wears the dismounted trousers with gold stripe, and Welby and Alexander have plain blue trousers. Footwear is informal for use in camp, either lace-up shoes or boots. The most striking aspect of this dress is the folding cap worn by all but one of the officers. This is blue with gold cord edging and an embroidered badge of the thistle and motto of St Andrew with Victorian crown and NULLI SECUNDUS on a scroll beneath. This was a distinctive cap of the Greys but was replaced in the mid 1890s by the field service cap.

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by Stephen Luscombe