Officer, Mounted Review Order 1898

The dress uniform of officers changed little over the period of the 1880s and 90s although the breeches, and the trousers worn in dismounted order, exchanged their gold lace stripe for yellow cloth in 1893. The embroidered shabraque was discontinued in 1898 so that only the red-edged black sheepskin was used. The Eagle ear boss is clearly seen here. That replaced the previous thistle type c1895. The black leather sabretache has a gilt Eagle badge and is suspended on gold-laced straps from a web belt under his tunic. The bearskin cap can be seen to come low at the back, touching the tunic collar. The white plume is fixed into a sprung socket in the flaming grenade badge on the side. His drawn sword has the thistle shaped gold sword knot at the end of a tightly wound white leather strap.

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by Stephen Luscombe