Sergeant, Coronation Uniform 1937

This cigarette card uses the uniform of the Scots Greys to illustrate the British Army's attempt to avoid khaki drabness at the Coronation of King George VI. Instead of returning to full dress scarlet tunics it was decided to dress the soldiers who participated in the parade in no.1 dress. This was a development of the blue undress frock of the late 19th century. If this is the same uniform as that seen in the photo of sergeants preparing for the wedding then the uniform is very plain. This illustration seems to show trousers without a yellow stripe down the side. The post-WW2 no.1 dress worn by the cavalry had close-fitting overalls with a yellow stripe, and shoulder chains on the tunic. The forage cap is blue with a white zig-zag cap-band. The addition of the white waist-belt and sword emphasises the difference between the cavalry and the infantry. It is doubtful if this uniform included the wearing of spurs.

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by Stephen Luscombe