Henry Jenner Scobell KCVO CB

During the Boer War Henry Scobell commanded C Squadron of the Greys. He was at the battle of Paardeberg and he led his men in a heroic defence of a hill near Bloemfontein. But most of his squadron was captured in an incident on 10 July 1900. Scobell and others managed to escape capture. However he nearly died at the battle of Zilikat's Nek. After he recovered he was given command of the 1st Regiment of Brabant's Horse on 1 Dec 1900. He was later put in command of a column of cavalry to go up against the Boer Commando led by Commandant Lotter. His mission lasted 6 days, during which he located Lotter's men at a gorge called Groenkloof near Petersburg. They fought a battle on 5 Sep 1901 in which the Boers were defeated. Scobell was promoted to full Colonel in recognition of his having destroyed one of the most effective Boer units in the Cape.

He returned to London in Feb 1902 and was received at Buckingham Palace by King Edward VII. He returned to his regiment, the Scots Greys and commanded them from August 1902 to August 1903. He was promoted to Major General in 1903, and on 7 April 1908 he was appointed Colonel of the 5th Lancers, a regiment he had briefly commanded in South Africa.

1859 Born on 2 Jan
1880 Joined Scots Greys from Worcester Militia, 10 Nov
1886 Captain, 27 Jan
1888 Adjutant in Yeomanry, 9 Oct until 8 Oct 1894
1896 Major, 5 July
1900 Brevet Lieut-Colonel, 29 Nov
1900 Commanded 1st Reg Brabant's Horse
1901 Lieut-Colonel, 27 July, commanding 5th Lancers
1901 Colonel, 5 Sep
1902 Command of Scots Greys, 2 Aug
1903 Brigadier-General, 1 April
1903 Major-General, 1 Oct
1904 Appointed CB, 24 June
1907 Inspector of Cavalry, 7 May.
1908 Colonel of the 5th Royal Irish Lancers
1909 GOC Cape District, South Africa
1912 Died on 1st February, at Rondebosch.

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