Private 1742

The regiment was not converted to light infantry until 1822 so the uniforms for the 13th (Pulteney's) Regiment of Foot in 1742 was similar to the rest of the infantry. This battalion company man is identified by his tricorn hat. The grenadier company wore tall mitre caps. The red coat has yellow facings described as philemot yellow. They had been a yellow faced unit since they were raised in 1685 and remained so until 1842 when they changed to blue. The waistcoat is also red with lace edging, and the breeches also red. The regimental pattern lace was white with a yellow zigzag pattern through it, but this pattern changed in 1751. He is armed with a long land 'Brown Bess' muzzle-loading flintlock musket .75 inch calibre. His waistbelt has a sword and a 17 inch socket bayonet suspended on the left side. On his right hip is his ammunition pouch with about 30 rounds. His lower legs are covered in white gaiters for parade and ceremonial but on campaign they wore black gaiters, and the coat would be buttoned over to hide the lapels.

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by Stephen Luscombe