Corporal 1753

The drawing of a corporal of the 13th Foot is named as Corporal Jones and signed WB 1753. It was made by Captain William Baillie whilst on recruiting service in Birmingham, so should show the uniform very accurately. Morier's painting of the grenadier of the 13th Foot 1751 has his coat buttoned across with only the top of the lapels folded back, and the waist-belt consequently worn over the coat, but Baillie's drawing shows the coat open, and the waist-belt under the coat. Morier shows the lace-loops formed with pointed ends but the loops on the corporal's coat are formed with square ends. The narrow lace on the waistcoat forms a ladder pattern down the front and does not have the zigzag design.

The ammunition for his musket is kept in a black leather pouch behind his right hip. There is no pouch on the front of the waist-belt as in the painting of the grenadier. Other differences include the lack of a match-case on his shoulder-belt, a single-bar hilt to his sword, and a tricorn hat. This last item is worn tilted to the right and has the central corner off-centre. There is a black cockade just visible on the top left side. The rank of corporal was indicated by a knot of regimental lace hanging at the back of the right shoulder.

This particular picture of Corporal Jones was taken from the Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research Vol XVII no.68 published in Winter 1938. The author of the accompanying text, The Rev Percy Sumner, says that the original watercolour is 'Among the exhibits in the Regimental Museum of the Somerset Light Infantry at Taunton'. He says that Baillie made three drawings, two of which he made into etchings, but this one of Corporal Jones facing the front was not made into a print. Copies of the etchings are to be found in the Print Room of the British Museum.

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