Privates 1900

These men of the 2nd Battalion Somerset Light Infantry were photographed during the Boer War supervising the embarkation of Boer prisoners who were being shipped off to Ceylon. The helmets are clearly shown so that the shape of the basic white helmet and pagri can be seen beneath the khaki cover. The regimental badge on the side differs from the usual stringed bugle and is the curled French horn with SOMERSETS in a curve below. The horn and lettering are in white on a red patch. Interestingly the two visible badges differ in that the horn faces left in one and right in the other. The men are in khaki uniforms with no regimental devices on their shoulder straps. The leather belts have ammunition pouches on the front and a bayonet frog on the back left hip. They hold their Lee-Enfield rifles with fixed bayonets.

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by Stephen Luscombe