26th Regiment of Foot

Bandsman and Bugler 1868

The white tunic worn by regimental bands lasted until around 1873 when they wore red. The facings are yellow and the edges are traced in red piping. The slashed cuff was discontinued in 1864 in favour of a pointed cuff but the uniforms here still have the old style, presumably to be replaced when they are worn out. The undress cap is white with the regimental diced cap-band and red tourie. He carries a white pouchbelt over his left shoulder with a large pouch at the back for sheet music. The short ornamental sword, worn here, replaced the long type in 1864.

The bugler was not classed as a bandsman so wears the red tunic but decorated with the same lace as the other members of the Corps of Drums. The regimental lace is white with red diamond shapes and thin blue lines along the edges. The bugle is strung with green string since the 26th were a non-royal regiment. His duties included the relaying of messages to the men whilst in battle, on the march or in barracks. He wears the 1861 to 1869 pattern shako.

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by Stephen Luscombe