Officer c1776

This illustration by Gerry Embleton of an officer of the 42nd at the start of the American War of Independence shows him wearing dress uniform of belted plaid and short red coat. The English infantry still had long tails but Highland regiments had a shortened version without tails. Flank company officers had wings on the shoulders while battalion company officers had an epaulette. The caption to this illustration says that Highland officers were allowed two epaulettes but the painting of Valentine Chisholme shows this to be wrong. Usually only field officers had two epaulettes. The Chisholme painting also shows a white stock around the neck when most other regiments had black. The black neck covering here may be another error. The pistol is slung lower than in other contemporary illustrations and it is not clear how it is supported. The fur sporan is sketchy and it looks as if the artist was not sure about it.

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by Stephen Luscombe