Brigadier-General Lord Howe

George Augustus Howe was the eldest of the three well known brothers who all attained the title Lord Howe. Admiral Richard Howe (1725-99) who commanded the fleet in the Meditteranean and General William Howe (1729-1814). Both these brothers were involved in the Commission to resolve the peace with the Colonies after 1777. George was born in 1724 the son of the 2nd Lord Howe of the Irish peerage. He went to North America in 1757 as Colonel of the 60th Foot but transferred to the 55th on 28th Sept in that year. He was a very able commander with the good sense to adapt his tactics to local conditions. The men under his command included British and American regiments and they would have followed him anywhere. Unfortunately he was killed at the battle of Ticonderoga on 8th July 1758 leaving the command to his incompetent senior officer, Lord Abercromby.

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