Map of Steinkirk 1692

This map of the battle of Steinkirk shows a line of red units facing the French while the greater part of the allied army remain behind, giving the impression that the battle involved mostly British troops with only a few troops from the allied countries. It is true that the British casualties were heavier than any one other country but there were definitely troops from Denmark, Germany and Holland heavily involved. The date appears as two dates: 23rd July and 3rd Aug because the Julian and Gregorian calendars are quoted which are 10 days apart. The author of the History of the Buffs was confused about the correct date because his sources from the 17th century were still trying to adjust to the Gregorian. So he states both dates, but the Gregorian calendar is now universally used so that 3rd August is accepted as the date of this battle.

Regimental Details

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by Stephen Luscombe