The Hon Sir Edward Michael Pakenham

Edward Pakenham was the brother of the Earl of Longford. He commanded the Royal Fusiliers at Copenhagen and at Martinique. While the regiment were in Nova Scotia he instituted a Book of Merit, and when he left to go to Portugal he was presented with a valuable sword by the officers. He was a senior officer who gave valuable service to Wellington during the Peninsula War, commanding the 3rd Division as a Major-General at Salamanca. He was hit three times in the Battle of New Orleans before dying. His body was brought back to Britain preserved in a barrel of rum, and buried in Ireland.

1778 Born on 19th March at Tullynally Castle in Ireland
1794 May. Captain in 92nd Regiment,
1794 Dec. Major 23rd Light Dragoons
1799 Lieut-Colonel 64th Foot
1803 Wounded in the attack on St Lucia
1804 Lieut-Colonel Royal Fusiliers
1806 Commanding Officer of Royal Fusiliers
1806 His sister Catherine marries Arthur Wellesley
1808 Wounded at Martinique
1809 Served in the Peninsula War
1810 Commanded Fusilier Brigade
1811 Local Rank of Major-General
1812 Army rank of Major-General
1813 21st May. Colonel of 6th West India Regiment
1814 Knight Grand Cross, Order of the Bath
1814 Appointed to the command of the Expedition to New Orleans
1815 8th Jan. Killed at Battle of New Orleans

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