Twomey Badge Collection A

Photos of Douglas Twomey's collection of Fusilier badges were published in the Bulletin of the Military Historical Society (no.211) in Feb 2003. They were grouped on four pages, A - D, and cover the regiment from 1846 to the present day. Page A is as follows:

1. 1850s Officer's forage peaked cap badge. Only 4 petals to the rose and no enamel. The crown is the Guelphic type.

2. 1874-1881 Officer's glengarry the embroidered badge has the Guelphic crown and a solid metal centre to the bomb, a silver rose and gilt and blue enamel garter. Embroidered 7 below.

3. 1865 Officer's peaked forage cap badge. Embroidered bomb but no crown over the silver, gilt and enamel centre. Embroidered 7 below.

4. 1857-1914 Officer's forage cap. Similar to no.2 but without the 7.

5. 1857-1914 Officer's forage cap. Similar to no.4

6. 1880-1914 Officer's side cap.

7. 1901 1st Cadet Battalion. Officer

8. 1920s Officer's forage cap. Large King's Crown on the flames

9. 1960s Officer's side cap badge. On crimson over blue cloth

10. 1959-1980 Officer's forage cap, Fusilier Brigade, and Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

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