The Gordons

Piper and Drummer 1885

This detail is from a photo of 1885 showing the men in marching order, but these men from the Pipes and Drums are wearing dress doublets. The piper on the left is in a green doublet and has a medal for the Afghan War of 1878-80 with three clasps. His glengarry cap has no diced band and his undress sporran is slightly different to the one worn by the drummer.

The drummer has a dress doublet, as seen here on the right, with decorated white tape down the back and front of the sleeves, around the collar and up the back seams. It also covered the shoulder wings. The wings, collar and cuffs are of yellow cloth, the rest of the doublet is scarlet, and the tape is decorated with red crowns. He has a white canvas strap over his shoulder for his haversack which is empty and folded neatly just below the white leather waist-belt. He has a glengarry with diced band which is an undress substitute for the full dress feather bonnet. He holds a bugle in his hand with green strings and tassels, since drummers were also buglers.

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by Stephen Luscombe