The Gordons

Piper 1st Battalion 1895

The main difference between the uniforms of the pipers of the 2 battalions of Gordon Highlanders was the style of the shoulder wings. The edge of the wing seen here on his right shoulder had a railway track look about it whereas the 2nd Battalion had a Robin Hood type edge. This piper does not have the blackcock's tail feathers in his glengarry as he is not in review order. The gold stripes on his sleeve for good conduct are very evident here.

The bagpipes are made up of 4 groups of items. The bag is a leather airtight reservoir of air covered in tartan cloth. This is inflated and replenished with the blowpipe. His hands play the chanter which has holes like a recorder. The music comes out of three drones which are of differing length, the longest can carry a pipe-banner. They are kept in place with a green cord and tassel, and in this case are decorated with tartan ribbon.

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by Stephen Luscombe