The Gordons

Bugler, Mounted Infantry 1896

This detail from a contemporary photo published in the Navy & Army Illustrated shows an unusual detail on the white drill jacket. The rest of the Mounted Infantry company have the plain white jackets as worn by other ranks at this period in the Highland Regiments and the Guards. This man has red and white piping as trefoil figuring on his cuff, up the back seam of the sleeve, along the shoulder cords and round the edges of the collar. They are probably on the back seams of the jacket as well. He has an embroidered drum badge on his sleeve which was only worn in undress, not on the dress doublet. As a member of the corps of drums he would have the title of drummer but as part of the MI company he would be employed purely as a bugler. The rest of his dress includes khaki cord breeches, blue puttees and black boots. His glengarry is blue with a check band in red, white and green. This MI company were constituted for service in Matabeleland in 1896.

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by Stephen Luscombe