The Gordons

Band 1897

The band of the 2nd Battalion on parade in full marching order. The bandsmen in the foreground offer us a glimpse of the equipment carried. On the right they are carrying valises high on their back and rolled greatcoats at the waist with mess tins in between. The men on the left are playing large wind instruments and are required to carry less on their back. The roll on the waist-belt is much smaller than the greatcoat carried by the others. Their doublets have white piping along the seams at the back and on the back of the sleeve. The shoulder wings are red at this stage, with crowned white tape edge and stripes. The feather bonnet is worn by all ranks and for bandsmen the tip of the white plume is scarlet. The director of music in the middle is a warrant officer with a sword, and no wings to his doublet. On the other side of the circle we can see that the bandsmen have a large white leather pouch on their waist-belt, with a badge on the front.

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by Stephen Luscombe