The Gordons

Sergeant-Drummer 1897

The rank of sergeant-drummer, down-graded from drum-major in 1881, was the equivalent of a sergeant even though he had four stripes. These were worn on the right arm only, and had a drum badge worn above them. His scarlet doublet is quite plain apart from the drummers wings which are laced with gold. He also has gold around his collar and around the top of the cuff. He has a red sash, worn as the other sergeants, on the right shoulder while the sash of office is on the left shoulder, partly obscured by his full plaid. The sash is of yellow cloth but it looks dark in this old photo. His sporran is the sergeants type, with brass cantle and silver badge. His medals show that he is a veteran of the 1st Battalion's Egypt campaign in 1882 to 1884. This photo was taken in India before the 1st Gordons went to fight on the North-West Frontier in 1897. The feather bonnet was not taken to India so the glengarry was worn with the dress uniform.

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by Stephen Luscombe