The Gordons

Bandsman, Drummer and Sergeant c1912

The bandsman stands with his back to us so that we can see the white leather pouch that was worn, from around this date, on a shoulder belt instead of on the front of the waist-belt as before. The badge on the pouch is unclear but is depicted in other illustrations as a similar badge to the one worn on an officer's waist-belt clasp. He has a full plaid, wrapped around his chest, falling from his left shoulder. The doublet has stiff shoulder wings with plain white edge and stripes. There is white piping along the back seams and the seams of his sleeves. The white plume on his feather bonnet has a red tip.

The drummer talking to the bandsman has a doublet decorated with white tape that has red crowns spaced along its length. His side drum is slung from a white leather carriage slung on his right shoulder. On his left shoulder is slung the green bugle cord. He does not wear his sporran when playing the drum as it would be in the way. His plaid cannot be seen in this illustration but is the lesser version that attached to the back of the shoulder.

The sergeant has the plaid with one corner hanging in front as worn by officers who were not on horseback. His sporran is the sergeant's version which is similar to the officer's undress sporran but with a different badge.

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by Stephen Luscombe