The Gordons

Piper and Drummer 1953

The piper's uniform has changed little since 1890 apart from the shoulder wings which follow the style of bandsmen. The drummers either side of him are from different regiments. The one talking to him is a Cameron Highlander, with dark blue collar and cuffs, and the other one is a Gordon Highlander with yellow facings. The badge on his bonnet, the black buttons on his spats and the distinctive style of the garter ribbons on his hose confirm this. The shoulder wings now have a fringe along the edge and the plaid is worn in the style of a sergeant or officer except that at this period plaids were no longer worn by anyone else in the regiment apart from the pipes, drums and band. The red doublets of full dress were only worn by the band and drummers since the war, while full dress for the rest of the regiment had been replaced by piper green no1 dress.

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by Stephen Luscombe