The Gordons

Drummer c1955

The pipes, drums and band of the Gordon Highlanders attended ceremonial occasions in full dress in the early 1950s using old stocks of uniforms put aside before the war, but it was decided that in future only the Household Division should be provided with full dress and the remainder use no1 dress for ceremonial. This drummer is in the new piper green no1 dress uniform which was adopted by highland regiments. The doublet was waist length at the front and had a short tail at the back with yellow turnbacks and brass or stay-bright buttons. The wings were gold laced, and the plaited cords and tassels were yellow, a fashion started at the end of the 19th century and still going strong today (2011).

This photo was published in British Military Uniforms From Contemporary Pictures by W Y Carman in 1957 and is not very clear, but he appears to have the plaid brooch on his left shoulder. The plaid itself does not seem to be in evidence. The goat-hair sporran was retained for the pipes, drums and band but replaced by a small white purse for the rest of the regiment. He has the blue Balmoral, or Tam o' Shanter bonnet which was worn in this order of dress. The feather bonnet was revived at a later date. The red and white hose was worn by all kilted regiments from around this time.

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by Stephen Luscombe