The Gordons

Pipe-Major 1957

The uniform here has many similarities with the 1903 Pipe-Major. This man has inherited the special sporran with the three black tassels and five knobs on the cantle. He also has the old style waist-belt clasp, and the embroidered badge on the right sleeve, although slightly smaller and worn lower down. He has plenty of gold lace on his cuff, collar and the edges of the Inverness skirts of his doublet. His shoulder wings and chevrons are also gold laced. The full plaid is worn across the chest, almost covering his crimson sash. He has World War 2 medals and is dressed for a levee occasion in hose and pumps. His glengarry is plain blue; pipers did not wear the Balmoral bonnet like the drummers and the rest of the regiment. From the very beginning the pipers always wore a plain glengarry without dicing.

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by Stephen Luscombe