Egyptian Campaign 1882

Caton Woodville's painting of the guards at Tel-el-Kebir shows the uniforms in a very convincing way, giving the impression that he researched them well. The uniforms worn by the Duke of Connaught and his mounted staff are different, having Bedford cord breeches and red collars to match their serge frocks. This uniform agrees with a portrait of the Duke that was published in Regiment magazine in 1994. The officer standing in the foreground with binoculars has a wider red stripe on his blue trousers, and he has leather gaiters.

The men lying down have mess tins on their backs wrapped in black oilskin. Their waterbottles are the 1873 Italian pattern, different from the round type carried by the officer. Some of the men carry small spades for digging in under fire. Their white foreign service helmets have been dyed sand colour to blend in. A trumpeter stands near the Duke. He is armed with a drummer's sword which is more ornamental than useful.

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by Stephen Luscombe