Private, Guards Camel Regiment 1884-5

The dress of the Guards detachments was similar to that worn by the other Camel Regiments in the force that travelled towards Khartoum in 1884 to 85. The white helmet with pugaree did not have a badge on it, and is always depicted with a pair of dark goggles. The tunic was grey serge with breast pockets. This view of the private does not give us the opportunity to see the red lettering on his upper sleeve. On the outward voyage to Egypt the soldiers cut out red cloth letters to sew on the sleeve to distinguish between the regiments. The Grenadier Guards had 1GG.

The leg wear was Bedford cord breeches with black or dark blue puttees. They had a bandolier of brown leather with 50 rounds of ammunition for their Martini Henry rifle. This 65mm model by David Grieve shows him with two white pouches on his brown leather waist-belt but some sources show only one. There is a white haversack belt over his right shoulder. The camel had two canvas and leather satchels for spare kit and extra ammunition. A large waterskin, rations for man and camel, blanket and a stake for tethering the camel. The halter had a single rope for directing the animal, no bit. The saddles had stirrups which was not the way they were ridden by the Arabs.

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